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  • Where are you based?
    We are based at Kent International Airport in Manston. There is plenty of parking available. For directions, please visit the 'Contact' page.
  • When do the beginner's courses take place?
    Our beginner's courses take place throughout the year. The course involves 6 hours of tuition from 10:00 - 16:00.
  • How do I learn to shoot? / How do I join?
    For those wanting to learn the basics, we offer a 1 day beginner's course and must be completed before you can join the club. If you have completed the beginner's course with another archery club you will need to show your certificate to us before you can join. If you have not shot for a while and would like to join the club, we may ask you to do an assessment to demonstrate that you know how to shoot safely.
  • Are children allowed to join?
    Yes, we accept anyone who is 12 years or older although we ask that anyone under the age of 18 is accompanied by an adult.
  • What should I wear?
    It is important that you wear shoes that fully cover your feet (no flip-flops of sandals). We advise that you wear close fitting clothing so no baggy sleeves.
  • What about people with disabilities?
    The club welcolmes all archers including those with disabilities and we try to accomodate people where we can. If you are interested in doing the beginner's course, please contact the course organiser in advance at to discuss your needs.
  • Will I need to bring any equipment for the beginner's course?
    No, all the equipment you need will be provided by the club free of charge. There are drinks and light refreshments available on the day too. Should you wish to join the club after you have completed your course, starting equipment can be loaned to a beginner, as it is considered unwise to rush out and immediately buy all the equipment you think you may need. Once you have built up your shooting muscles and become more confident you will naturally want to purchase your own bow and arrows together with all the other gear. As every bow should “fit” each individual archer we recommend speaking to one of our experienced members who will take measurements to ensure you look to buy the right bow. The same applies when buying arrows as they should be chosen to match the bow.
  • Am I too old for archery?
    We have no maximum age. It really is an all inclusive sport that everyone can enjoy.
  • I have poor eye sight, can I still do archery?"
    Yes, you are still able to shoot with poor eyesight. Visually impared archers use foot locators to ensure their feet stay in the same position for each shot. A tactile sight on a tripod can also be used to help line up with the centre of the target and a sighted assistant (known as a spotter) to help the archer shoot safely. If you are visually impared and thinking about doing one of our beginner's courses, please contact us for advice.
  • Smoking/vaping is prohibited on site
    Please remember no alcohol, smoking or vaping is allowed on site. For those that would like to smoke/vape, you may do so but outside of the grounds.
  • What kind of bows do you shoot?
    We have archers that shoot a range of bows including recurve, compound, longbow, barebow, primative and flatbow. On the beginner's course you will be using training recurve bows. We do not allow crossbows at our club for health and safety reasons.
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