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Beginner's Course Contact Form


You’ve seen the professionals do it so why not give it a try?


The first step is to come along to a beginners course of which we hold at least one every year. 

Once completed you will receive a club booklet and certificate to show that you understand and are prepared to abide by the rules and etiquette of our club.

Try our over 55's course on 4th June!

Thanet Archery Club Beginners Course

Beginners Course Information

The minimum age for juniors that we can accept is 12 years old and in order to comply with the Child Protection Guidelines, all juniors under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Our courses cost £35 for adults and £20 for juniors and includes a 6 hour session running from 10am - 4pm.

All equipment for the course is provided. Should you wish to join the club after you have completed your course, starting equipment can be loaned to a beginner as it is considered unwise to rush out and immediately buy all the equipment you think you may need. Once you have built up your shooting muscles and become more confident you will naturally want to purchase your own bow and arrows together with all the other gear. As every bow should “fit” each individual archer we recommend speaking to one of our experienced members who will take measurements to ensure you look to buy the right bow. The same applies when buying arrows as they should be chosen to match the bow. 

Where do I sign up?​

If you are interested in taking a beginner’s course please complete the form below to check availability as the courses are very popular. We will be in contact with course dates and times and will be able to answer any questions you have. 


It isn’t necessary to join the club to take a beginner’s course.

Once you have spoken to us and there are spaces available on the course, you will need to complete the course enrolment form. You can download this below or alternatively we can give one to you to complete at the club.


Still have questions about our beginner's courses?

Visit our FAQ page

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