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Sole shooting

Over the last few weeks the committee have been giving some thought to relaxing the prohibition on lone/sole shooting. Thanet Archery Club are now introducing sole shooting to allow easier use of the field. These changes will be incorporated into the club booklet in due course.

Sole shooting is where the archer is either the only person on the field or a range.

To ensure those shooting alone are safe to do so, committee approval must be sought.

A process has been put in place that will require you to agree to a disclaimer and health declaration. The committee will approve sole shooting for any one who has agreed to the disclaimer, health declaration and whom they feel has the experience to be safe.

Sole Shooters must have at least a years experience within the club to be approved.

Juniors will not be able to shoot alone.

Extra rules will be required to ensure safety of the archer and anyone entering the ranges.

  1. Arrows are only to be knocked once the Archer has ensured that the area behind the boss is clear.

  2. A final check is made by the Archer that the area behind the boss is clear before coming to full draw.

  3. Only experienced archers will be approved for lone shooting.

  4. No juniors will be able to shoot alone.

  5. Specified Target only:

    1. Use bosses 8-12 on practice field

    2. Use bosses 8-12 on the main field

    3. Do not use the three targets nearest the Main Field shooting line on the 3d field

  6. It is suggested that you inform someone that you are shooting alone and between which times and when you finish, this person should be able to go to the field if called or you do not finish at the expected time.

  7. If you arrive at the field to shoot and there is a person shooting alone, you will be able to see this from the booking App, make them aware that you are starting to shoot and where you will be shooting

  8. When you finish shooting and one person is left alone please inform them that you are leaving As can be seen from item 6-8, communication is a key element of safe sole shooting.

It is foreseen that as the field develops and extra safety measures are introduced some of these rules may be relaxed.

In order to request sole shooting approval please use link below and then follow emailed instructions.

Approval will stay in place until your or the clubs situation changes.


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