Just to remind you that the frostbite season will be starting in November,

and naturally the annual inter-club frostbite competition will start at the

same time.

For those that have not taken part before, this is an annual competition between us, Canterbury Archers and Castle Moat and Folkestone Bowmen. Money made from the competition goes to the chosen charity for that year. This is open to longbow & barebow only, - entry is £5 and this year it is our turn to host the last frostbite shoot and pick a charity to support. So in the next few weeks please pass your charity suggestions to Bob Gawler, who will select the most popular.

All scores should be given to Bob as Graham will be moving to Norfolk at some point, & Anne will be away in February.

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Just a note to let you know that the indoor archery season starts next Tuesday 4th October and runs term-time only. Arrive at the Ursuline College sports hall at 6:30pm to start shooting at 7pm - the round is a 'Portsmouth' (5 doz arrows@20yds), and should be completed by 9pm.

Cost of each session is £4 adult/£2 juniors payable at the door. Apparently this is now only available for TAC members and associate members.

For the benefit of those members who haven't shot at the Ursuline college before, here's the easy way to find your way to the sports hall.

The page has an 'aerial view' map of the college entrance, and you can 'drag'/zoom the picture to help you find the way to St. Angela's car park, and there is now another car park nearer to the sports hall. The sports hall is the white-roofed building around the other side of St Angela's, marked curiously as "Invicta Artistic Roller Skating Club". Enter by the roadway adjacent to the Hundreds Farm Stables entrance (immediately after if coming from Margate direction, immediately before if coming from Birchington direction). When you get to the gate, press '3' on the keypad and drive through,

Exiting the college afterwards is easy - you follow the straight road marked "Canterbury Road, Westgate" out to the gate, which opens automatically.


Another successful Clout Shoot this year. Well done to everyone who helped to make the day a success.

We were off to a rocky start when both organisers were not able to make it and all of the marks had been removed from the field so everything had to be measured out again on the morning! Just when you think things couldn't get much worse, the toilet key went AWOL. Regardless, the day went really well.

Thank you to Roy, Fred, Paul, John, Lee and Dave for setting up the field twice! Thank you also to Roy, Sharon and Trish for the food and Linda for sorting out the admin. Thanks also go to our Lady P, Helen, John for helping with scoring and our judge, Mark Davies.

Some photos are available in the gallery.